Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Slow down

And I was flying by in this big fast world always listening never slowing down to tell my own story. You put a stop to my madness you made the words come out and my smile reappered. And all I want to say is thank you for all you've done and now it's your turn to slow down and pour out your heart to me


The flames shot the fire roared the smoke billowing all around. Wailing people looked up to the sky and asked why as tears made lines down their dirty cheeks. Children huddled together on the ashy ground wondering what they would do now. Homes were broken and dreams were torn. But one thing remained. Hope. It was the spark on every persons tongue. The reason they could smile through the pain. Above everything else they knew that all of this was temporary they would go to their home in the sky. Some sooner than others on that day

I wrote this when I went to my grandparents burned down house in colorado...